End of the year Spanish schedule

Spanish is quickly coming to an end for the year.  The last day of Spanish will be May 21st.  

Here is a schedule of the last few classes as well as finals.

4/23 – Review for final

4/30 – Review for final

5/7 – Cinco de Mayo fiesta for all classes

5/14 – Vocabulary Final

5/21 – Concepts final



Spanish HW due 4/23

6th Grade (due 4/30)

1. Complete all the definitions for the  final vocabulary page.

2.  Complete the worksheet.

3.  No Quiz on 4/30

4.Start reviewing for the final.

7th Grade

1.  Complete the vocabulary list for the final.  Any words you do not remember or do not have your vocabulary lists,  you can use google translate and look up the English definitions.  You need to have it completely filled out by 4/23.

2.  Complete the worksheet.

3.  I will offer a make-up quiz on 4/23 on conjugating boot verbs.

4.  Start studying for your final.

8th Grade

1.  Study for your quiz on the verb grids for the most common verbs list.

2.  Complete all the English definitions for your final vocabulary list.  If you lost some old lists or do not know some definitions,  you may look them up on google translate or a dictionary.

3.  Start preparing for your finals.

4.  Bring all materials needed for your cultural presentation if you have not yet presented.




LASS Class for Week of April 22

Grade 6: No LASS assignments.  Have a wonderful time at Science Camp this week!

Grade 7 and 8:

“Ripped from the Headlines” on due Friday.

Reading Record due by Friday

7th Grade: Memory 1 Corinthians 15:16-20 due Thursday

NOTE: 7th Grade will be doing ITBS standardized assessments this week in order to compare with Fall 2013 scores in an effort to show progress.