Mrs. Consalvo

6th Grade: 

Christian Faith - Tomorrow: Memory verse quiz on Psalm 28: 7-8, Quiz on vocabulary words on page 6 of your Christian Faith workbook, Questions on pg 15 – 16 due tomorrow if not finished in class today.

Science – Remember that Section Assessment pg 63 ALL questions due tomorrow. Our test on chapter 2 will be coming up in less than 2 weeks. We will learn all about soils next week and the week after that we will have a test and your picture vocabulary words will be due at that time also. I will decide on the exact date depending on how quickly we get through soil next week.

7th Grade: We will have a test next Friday 11/7 on Chapter 4 which includes photosynthesis, respiration, and cell division. This means that your picture vocabulary words from chapter 4 will also be due.

8th Grade: We will have a test next Friday 11/7 on Chapter 4 which includes atoms, elements, the periodic table, and properties of metals, nonmetals, semimetals, and radioactive elements. This means that your picture vocabulary words from chapter 4 will also be due. Be sure to put them in a folder with your previous words.

Be sure to complete the Reading and Note Taking Guide pg. 74 – 77 tonight if you didn’t finish in class today as it is due tomorrow. I will also be collecting your notebooks over the weekend to make sure that you are adapting to the Cornell note-taking style and have completed the summaries at the bottom of each page and written questions and concept connections on the left side of the page. You also have Section Assessment homework from page 145 due tomorrow.

Spanish Homework Due 11/5

6th Grade

  1.  Complete the numbers worksheets.
  2.  Study for your quiz on the months of the year.

7th Grade

  1. Study the directions section of your vocabulary list for your quiz next Wed.

The quizlet link to help you study is:

  1.  Using the map you made of your city,  write 10 sentences in Spanish telling where certain locations are located relative to others.  For example:    The bank is next to the post office – > El banco está al lado del correo.
  1. Complete the attached worksheet handed out in class.  Make sure you do the front and the back.

8th Grade

1. Complete the vocabulary worksheet.  Choose 20 of the classroom vocabulary words.                                                             2. Study for your quiz on the irregular “yo” form of the verbs from the irregular “yo” verb list.  This quizlet link will help you prepare:

Mrs. Consalvo

6th Grade:

Christian Faith: Memory Verse this week is Psalm 28: 7 – 8. We will also have a vocabulary quiz on Friday on the words listed in the pink box on page 6 in the Christian Faith workbook. This will be a matching style quiz.

Science: Section Assessment Homework pg. 63 ALL questions is due Friday.

7th Grade: Quiz on cellular respiration tomorrow.

8th Grade: Continue working on your Periodic Table project and also be sure to go back in your notes in your journal and summarize each day at the bottom of the page. I am going to try to collect these on Friday to do a journal check over the weekend. I think that we will get through Chapter 4 by the end of next week so your picture vocabulary will be collected on November 7th. Be sure to put it in a folder along with what you’ve previously done. Homework due Friday this week is Section 3 Assessment pg. 145 ALL questions.

Ephesians 4:29 "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear."


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