OSF Trip Reminders

1. Be careful what clothing you pack.  The high in Ashland will only be 66 degrees each day.  Please abide by the St. Peter Handbook dress code guidelines.  If you end up having only one thing Mrs. C. believes is appropriate in your luggage, you will wear that everyday.

2. Don’t forget to bring Bible, Notebook, and pens/pencils.

3. Don’t forget to bring money for stopping to eat on the way to Ashland and for on the way back.

4. Bring your book report-book to read.  This week is not an excuse to get behind in your reading!

5. Please carefully review the “What to bring” list posted and sent home previously.

6. Most of all, bring an open mind and a great attitude.  We are going to have a blast!

Spanish HW Due 4/16

6th Grade

1. Study the Ser verb chart for your quiz next Wednesday and be able to fill in a blank with the correct form of the verb.

2. Mis Amigos Project – 20 points

This week you will be making a collage that includes the following:

-5 pictures attached to a paper (or papers) – 5 points

They can be real friends,  celebrities, drawings,  make up people, etc.

-10 Spanish sentences – 10 points

For each person on your collage,  write 2 sentences in Spanish describing them with a form of “ser” and adjectives.  I have included extra adjectives below to help you.

-Neatness – 5 points

7th Grade (Due 4/23)

1.  Complete the vocabulary list for the final.  Any words you do not remember or do not have your vocabulary lists,  you can use google translate and look up the English definitions.  You need to have it completely filled out by 4/23.

2.  Complete the worksheet “repaso” about boot verbs.

3. There will be a make-up quiz on 4/23 on conjugating boot verbs.  Anyone who scored lower than a C on the quiz on 4/9 will have to retake it next week.  All others have the option of retaking it (I will take the higher of the two grades).

4.  Start studying for your final.

8th Grade

1.  Study for your quiz on the definitions of ALL of  the most common verbs for your quiz.  I created a quizlet account, so you can study them.  The address is below,  or you can search “senorapalmquist” and look for the 8th grade most common verb list.


2.  Complete the translation worksheet.

3.  If you did not do you culture presentation already,  be ready to do it in class on 4/16.

*We will have a double class period on 4/16 so all students should be able to present.