LASS Class for Week of March 30th

All Middle School:

Spelling City due on Friday (posted)

No Reading Record this Week

No Current Events this week

Reading Commitment Forms due Tuesday, April 7th

Research Paper:  Second Drafts (typed) are due Monday, March 30th.  Final Drafts are due on Thursday, April 2nd.  Final Drafts should include the following: A Works Cited page(bibliography), First Draft attached, Second Draft attached, Editing Form (blue) signed and attached, no folders, and no cover page. Number your pages. Please refer to previous posts on MLA formatting.

6th Grade: This week we will continue with the Middle Ages and The Bronze Bow.

7th Grade: We are beginning our unit on WWII this week.  MEMORY: John 12:23-25 due Thursday.

8th Grade: We will be studying the 1950’s and McCarthyism in continuing the Cold War unit.  We will begin the Novel, Habibi, by Naomi Shihab Nye.  Author Study on Naomi Shihab Nye due Tuesday, April 7th.

New Math Books!

Good afternoon St. Peter Middle School families! Just a quick note on where we are with math for the year. Each class is ahead of where I had expected them to be from the beginning of the year. Great work so far guys! Just want parents to get a little picture of where we are and what to expect for fourth quarter.

Algebra Class – We have finished the Algebra 1 textbook and you are well prepared for high school, on here you will be referred to as Integrated, not Algebra. We will be starting the same textbook that the Lodi Unified School district is using for incoming freshman who have competed Algebra 1. The goal is to get through three or more of these chapters to get you used to the new format of what is expected of you next year. There is a lot of group work and you will have group assignments as well as individual assignments. You will also have group tests and individual tests. More to come on this in the coming weeks. Remember it’s new to me as well and we will all learn as we go through this. I am excited to get started on this!

Green Group – We have finished the 8th grade textbook. We are going to spend the fourth quarter taking some time in the Algebra 1 textbook. I will now refer to you as Algebra 1. There are definitely some topics that I see you struggle with and the items we have learned cannot just float out of your minds. Keep your notebooks and notes handy as we move forward.

Blue Group – You were already ahead of the game! We have been in Green math for a few weeks and will continue as planned, but now you are the only Green group and that is what you are going to be referred to on the blog.

Red Group – We have finished what I would like to finish with the 6th grade textbook. We will be moving into the 7th grade textbook right after break. I would recommend getting a new notebook that you will use this year and bring back next year so that all Blue notes are in the same place. Great work in the 6th grade text, get ready for a few more difficult topics in the 7th grade books! I will now refer to you on the blog as Blue Group.

I pray you are all having a wonderful break! I am still trying to get everything graded. I am down to only the projects left to grade. I hope to get those finished today. I am getting new bulletin boards ready and new academic lab projects/stations so you can hit the ground running with these in fourth quarter. I will write again when all grades are posted on Fast Direct. See you all in a week!

– Miss Waldie

LASS Class: Research Paper 2nd draft due March 30th

Most students have been coached on their first drafts and all students should begin their second drafts in MLA format.  Instruction was given in class on how to format and use parenthetical citations.  All students are required to show proof that at least two people have edited their paper prior to final draft.

Below are some links students may want to refer to as they work on their typed, second drafts.   (All of the resources below were shared in class as well.)

Students must attach first drafts to their second drafts for credit on March 30th.

Research Paper Grade Sheet

Editing Form

Sample Bibliography Entries  (Works Cited)

MLA In-text Citation PowerPoint

MLA In-text Citation Instructional Video

8th Grade Physics in Science Class

IMG_2521 IMG_2522 IMG_2523IMG_2524 IMG_2525 IMG_2534

Some videos of the students doing activities and calculating their speed:

Ephesians 4:29 "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear."


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