LASS Class week of March 9

No Spelling City, No Current Events, No Reading Record

All Book Report Project Presentations will be presented this week.  Student’s know their dates/times.

Research Paper: First, handwritten drafts are due Wednesday. (I welcome anyone to turn this in early if they get done.  That would really help me out.)

NOTE: Students do not need to worry about HOW to do in-text citations for their first drafts; however, they should show WHERE they will be placing their in-text citations.

History and literature assignments will be on-going in class this week.

Mrs. Consalvo Thursday 3/5

6th Grade: A flier and email were sent home today about Wolf Mountain.

Christian Faith – Pages 151-154 are due tomorrow.

Science – Section 4 Assessment HW page 202 all is due tomorrow if not finished in the 30 minutes in class today.

Art – Please remember to bring in a fine-tipped marker or sharpie if you have one. If not, it’s okay.

7th Grade: Nothing new assigned.

8th Grade: Don’t forget that the oil lab questions are due tomorrow.

Miss Waldie March 5, 2015

Memory – Genesis 1:21-27

Christian Faith – for 3-12-15 HTBYOSP Chapter 4 with accompanying questions. Also finish project on animals

Algebra – pg. 730 #1-33, 35-40, 42-50

Green 8th – last notes question

Green 7th – pg. 34 #2-32 even, 34-41

Red – pg. 406 #1-52 (students were given an hour in class today to work on this. Half an hour independently and half an hour with a partner if they chose to)

Spanish HW due 3/11

6th-8th Grade

**All late and missing assignments are due by next Wednesday 3/11

6th Grade

1. Study for your 3rd Quarter Test.

*Vocabulary (verbs & pronouns)

*conjugating verbs (grids/translating)

*different types of “you”

Quizlet link->

7th Grade

No Homework and No Quiz for next week

8th Grade

No Homework and No Quiz for next week

Academic Lab Presentation Schedule – Science

6th Grade:

Monday 3/9 – Lola, Stephanos, Gabe, Sealina

Tuesday 3/10 - Alex, Brielle

Wednesday 3/11 – Sammy, Max

Thursday 3/12 – Jamee, Tyler (if needed)

Friday 3/13 – Chapter 5 Exam

7th Grade:

Monday 3/9 – Wyatt, Hannah (skit)

Tuesday 3/10 – Christian (skit), Andreas, Nathan

Wednesday 3/11 – Nick, Gabby

Thursday 3/12 – Christian (board game), Jameson, Nathan (board game)

Friday 3/13 – Ethan

8th Grade:

Anyone who needs to present will be on Tuesday 3/10.

Mrs. Consalvo Wednesday 3/4

6th Grade: 

Christian Faith – nothing new. Just what was assigned yesterday.

Science – Nothing new assigned today.

7th Grade: Nothing new assigned today.

8th Grade: The Oil lab questions are due on Friday. I want you to concentrate tonight on studying for your test tomorrow. Don’t forget that your picture vocab is due tomorrow also.

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