Mrs. Consalvo Wednesday 8/26

6th Grade:

Christian Faith – No homework questions were assigned today. We will work on them tomorrow.

Science – Don’t forget that Chapter 1 Section 3 Assessment homework pg. 27 is due tomorrow.

7th Grade: Don’t forget that workbook pages 62-64 are due tomorrow. Your cell model project is due on Monday so don’t forget about this!

8th Grade: The Simpsons scientific method worksheet is due tomorrow.

Mr. Shrank’s Classes 8-25-15

All grades: don’t forget to keep up with the weekly assignments.

The compelling questions are due on Thursday and not tomorrow as stated in the flyer.

6th Grade: we will continue working on the scavenger hunt on ancient Greece.

We will continue to work on the term paper in class.

The review questions for Wadjet Eye 9-15 are due on Friday.

7th Grade: remember the Christian Faith assignment that is due  later this week.

Review questions for Where The Red Fern chapters 9-10 will be due on Friday.

8th Grade: no new work

Mrs. Consalvo Tuesday 8/25

6th Grade:

Christian Faith – none assigned.

Science – don’t forget that picture vocab is due tomorrow! Nothing new was assigned.

7th Grade: Workbook pages 62-64 are due on Thursday. Don’t forget that picture vocab is due tomorrow!

8th Grade: Tomato and Earthworm scientific method worksheet is due tomorrow.

Mr. Shrank’s Classes 8-24-15


Please remember to turn in both the topic commitment form and the forms for Jeness Park.

We have all of the weekly work in each grade. We will be working on our Compelling Questions this week in class.

6th Grade: 5 questions on your topic are due tomorrow; Greek god/goddess due on Thursday, Online Scavenger Hunt is being worked on in class and we are continuing the Wadjet Eye.

7th Grade: Christian Faith assignment (page 22 of the WB) and one of the three memory verses done the same way are due by Friday 8-28; 5 questions on your topic due tomorrow

8th Grade: Peter Pan chapters 4-6 due on 8-27 (Thursday); read We The People pages 18-23 due tomorrow

Mrs. Consalvo Monday 8/24

6th Grade:

Christian Faith – New memory verse is 1 Peter 3:15-16. Lesson 18 Topic 1 questions page 35-36 are due tomorrow if not completed in class today. You DO NOT have to do pg. 37-38.

Science – Section 3 Assessment HW pg. 27 All (not math practice) questions are due on Thursday. Don’t forget that picture vocab is due on Wednesday.

7th Grade: Don’t forget that picture vocab is due on Wednesday.

8th Grade: Get your physical science text books covered by next Tuesday 9/1.

Mr. Shrank’s Classes 8-21-15


All grades: please make sure you start anew with all of the weekly assignments. The new spelling lists are up.

I need the Topic Commitment form, for the Fall Research Paper,  turned in on Monday. We will begin work in all classes on Compelling Questions for the paper. Each grade will have the second Caught Ya’s quiz next week.

I will update the grades this weekend. If there are 3 missing assignments or a C or less on any test, or a C in any course I will also email you.

Please make sure all of the correct documents and forms are turned in for the Jeness Park retreat ASAP. These packets went home today.

6th Grade: Don’t forget to work on your research and picture for the Greek god you decided to research. We will work on these in class as well. They are due Thursday. We will continue with our novel and our study of Ancient Greece. There may be some short homework assignments for this. I will know for sure on Monday.

7th Grade: We have our test on the Renaissance/Reformation on Monday. It is not open notes except for the essays. Please review so you are ready. We will begin a Bible Study in Christian Faith on Monday. It will be due on Thursday. We will continue our novel and I will pass out more review questions as well.

8th Grade:  Don’t forget the short assignment from the We The People Book; (read page 10 and answer 4 of the 6 questions) it is due on Monday. We will continue to read the novel and dig deeper into the Constitution.


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