7th Grade Field Trip Friday

7th Grade is going to the K1 Speed Way in Sacramento on Friday.  Below is a link to the permission slip and liability release forms.  Please complete and sign and turn in tomorrow.  Note that a copy of the driver’s license of the person signing the forms must be attached to the liability release form.

Also, each student must turn in $10.00 to help pay for the activity.  There is a snack bar at the Speed Way if students want to bring money for that.

I believe we will be eating after chapel (around 10:00) and then leaving for Sacramento.  We will be back by 3:30.  I know some people, myself included, may be attending high school graduation ceremonies that evening.

K1 SpeedWay Permission Slips

Special Thanks to Laura and Kim for helping to arrange this.

Mrs. Consalvo Friday 5/22

For all students: please remember to bring 2 (or more) cans on Tuesday for free dress. We really want to help support the food pantry for the summer months so bring whatever you are able to bring.

For 6th and 8th grade: if you want snacks and drinks while we watch the movie Wall-E then please bring them with you on Tuesday.

6th Grade: A permission slip was sent home for our class party. Please return them ASAP. Your final exam is on Tuesday so remember to bring your picture vocab with you.

7th Grade: Academic lab presentations and final exam on Wednesday. Please bring your picture vocab with you to use for the test.

8th Grade: Final exam is on Tuesday. Please remember to bring your picture vocab with you to use for the test.

Mrs. Consalvo Wednesday 5/20

6th Grade:

Christian Faith – the only remaining workbook pages are 285-286 which are due on Friday. The memory verse quiz will be on Friday afternoon.

Science – Picture vocabulary for chapters 7 & 8 is due tomorrow. A few students still have academic lab presentations to give in class and all academic lab projects are due on Friday. NO LATE projects will be accepted.

7th Grade: Picture vocabulary is due tomorrow. All academic lab projects are due on Friday except for the presentations which will be next Wednesday 5/27 along with the final exam. NO LATE projects will be accepted.

8th Grade: Because we combined the Spanish fiestas for 7th and 8th grade today, anyone who was supposed to present in class today will do it tomorrow instead. I need a few more soda bottles so please bring them if you have some. All academic lab projects are due on Friday. NO LATE projects will be accepted.

7th Grade: Field Trip reminder 

  • We are going to tour the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier on Tuesday the 26th. 
  • We may be one driver short. I do not have access to a vehicle on Tuesday. 
  • We will leave once everyone is at school after 8:00 AM. We need to be back by 3:00 PM. 
  • BRING A SACK LUNCH. There is no place to buy food where we are going (shipyard in Alameda). But we can eat our lunches in the mess hall on the ship. I can bring an ice chest if someone has room. 
  • I think there is a gift shop if students want to buy souvenirs. 
  • Do not hesitate to text me with questions or added information. Mrs. C 

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